Evidence of Thinking

Thinking Routines can result in student products that serve as evidence of student thinking. These artifacts of learning can be created using a seemingly endless list of tools, strategies, and mediums. Student thinking can be made evident on sticky notes and index cards; using art supplies; through dramatic arts, music and dance; with technology; and more.

PZ Thinking Routines

Ron Ritchhart Documenting students' thinking

In the following video Ron Ritchhart discusses the importance of documenting students thinking and a High school humanities teacher shares how she uses the Chalk Talk thinking routine to do just that in her classes. Consider the benefits of having evidence of student thinking. Is there evidence of student thinking in your classroom?

Student's perspective on visible thinking

The young lady in the next video shares a few thoughts about visible thinking. She explains that “when you do Visible Thinking it helps you understand more and learn more than you thought you know.”  As you watch this video note the various ways that thinking is made visible. Sometimes the evidence is traditional and sometimes it is digital.