Exemplary Lessons

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Social Studies/History

Lesson TitleGrade Level Thinking Routine Multimedia
Picture the Preamble4th GradeI used to Think... Now I think.. (Core Routine) Google Docs
A Nation Divided6th GradeI Used to Think....Now I Think (Core Routine) Glogster.com
Sources of History11th GradeWhat Makes You Say That?Google Slides
Thirteen Colonies8th GradeZoom InFlip Chart; Blog
Primary Sources7thSee, Think, WonderPadlet; PowerPoint



Lesson TitleGrade Level Thinking RoutineMultimedia
Adding Fractions4th-5th3-2-1 BridgeScreencast; IXL
Fractions3rd-4thWhat Makes You Say That?PowerPoint
Geometry5th-6thCreative HuntGoogle Slides
Word Problems5thQuestion Starts; What Makes You Say That?Google Docs; Google Slides
Subtracting Fractions4th-5th3-2-1- BridgeScreencast; IXL
Mean, Median, Mode5th-6thCSIGoogle Docs



Lesson Title Grade Level Thinking RoutineMultimedia
Solar Planets3rd-4thWhat Makes You Say That?PowerPoint
The Water Cycle8thThink Pair ShareGoogle Slides
All About Ecosystems4thHeadlineGoogle Docs
Animal Adaptations4thCSIGoogle/Word
Flow of Matter and Energy4thCircle of ViewpointsVoki
Planning the Next Workout9th-10thThink, Puzzle, Explore; What Makes You Say That?Cacoo
Scientific Notation8thThink Pair ShareGlogster.com



Lesson TitleGrade LevelThinking RoutineMultimedia
Electronic Motorcycle7th-8thCompass PointsVideo


World Languages

Lesson TitleGrade LevelThinking RoutineMultimedia
Gender & Pay Inequality10th-12thWhat Makes You Say That?YouTube
Chores, Preterit, & Imperfect Tense10th-12thQuestion StartsInternet



Lesson TitleGrade Level Thinking RoutineMultimedia
Paragraph Writing4th-6thClaim/Support/ElaborationGoogle Docs
Scout's Hometown9th3-2-1 BridgePrezi.com
Symbolism7thThink Pair SharePowerpoint; YouTube; Google Doc
The Essence of a Novel9th-10thSentence, Phrase, WordWordle.net; Google Forms
Understanding Idioms8thThink-Puzzle-ExploreStory Jumper; Flip Chart
Titanic Lessons We Have Learned8thClaim/Support/QuestionGoogle Docs